Special Events in Volcano Village

The name "Volcano Village" creates a feeling of excitement the moment it is spoken. This excitement is warranted. Volcano Village is one of Hawaii's most beautiful locations that visitors flock to experience. The proximity to the fresh ocean breeze allows one to relax in a serene paradise retreat. This location also offers each visitor an intimate experience with the untouched rain forest. Visitors get the pleasure of exploring both of these luxurious aspects of the Hawaiian landscape in one trip.

Mea Hawaii Hula Kahiko
In addition to the natural scenery, Volcano Village offers special events and activities year-round. These events are designed to provide fun and excitement for every member of the family. To begin the year, Hawaii Volcano National Park presents the Na Mea Hawaii Hula Kahiko series of performances. January ushers in these traditional hula performance as the natural greenery of the outdoors prepares for Spring. The dances take place in the shadow of the Kilauea Crater. This natural formation provides a breath-taking backdrop for these annual performances.

Niaulani Forest Work
During May, visitors are invited to join in on the Niaulani Forest Work. As a volunteer, travelers are able to do their part in nourishing the beauty they have come to visit. At the Volcano Art Center's Niaulani Campus, volunteers are able to reestablish their connection with nature on the 7.4-acre property. While exploring, visitors will learn about the local flora and fauna. Assistants work closely with experts to conduct the crucial environmental tasks that are necessary to keep the wildlife flourishing.

Fourth of July Parade
The Fourth of July Parade is perhaps the most exciting time of year for a visit. Visitors can gather to watch the parade move through the local streets or they can choose to join in on the celebrations. Participants are invited to flex their creative muscles. Kids love decorating their bikes and dressing up their pets to join in on the celebration. Awards are given for creative costumes and floats. The parade ends in a fair for the local artists and artisans. Food and games keep the celebration going well into the night.

Niaulani Forest
A Niaulani Forest tour can make April a special time of year. A guided tour leads visitors on a nature walk that goes through the oldest regions of the Hawaiian rain forest. The plants and native wildlife of the region provide an educational, first-hand experience. The walk is not excessively strenuous, making it the perfect activity for family members young and old.

Thanksgiving Tours
Thanksgiving weekend can be spent touring the studios of local artists. This tour provides a rare chance to acquire one of a kind gifts. The tour also offers a glimpse into Hawaii's varied culture at work. The tour takes visitors into the studios of artists working with pottery, blown glass, and metals. An authentic Hawaiian lunch made from the island's organic ingredients is provided for each visitor.